Chinese Web novels Joint Program: 500 wonderful works for free translation and publication

The Organizing Committee of the China “Online Literature +” Conference and released version 2.0 of the China Online Literature Joint Sailing Plan on the 12th of May. The Tweet Sailing, which is known for being an open platform for Chinese online literature, will open the world’s first AI translation, production, and publishing network in the field of literature in May of 2021, providing free translation and overseas publishing services for Chinese online CP, and the overseas copyright belongs to the CP party.

By the end of April of 2021, a total of 91 literary websites had joined the “China Online Joint Sailing Plan” and more than 6,000 Chinese works had gone to sea with one click through the Sailing Network. The “China Online Literature Joint Sailing Program” was launched in Beijing on September 6, 2020. At the “Going Global” Forum of the 4th China Online Literature + Conference held on the same day, the Organizing Committee of the China Online Literature + Conference and announced the joint launch of the China Online Literature Sailing Open Platform. The China Online Literature Joint Sailing Program will launch 10,000 Chinese works from 100 literary websites in the coming year to jointly expand the scale of international users of Chinese online texts, and rely on artificial intelligence translation, production, and distribution systems to focus on solving the problems of difficult online text translation and few channels to go to sea, to efficiently distribute China’s high-quality online texts to mainstream global e-book sales platforms and help spread Chinese stories globally. Promoting Chinese culture to go global is an important means for China to improve its international competitiveness and enhance its comprehensive national strength. In the past two years, Chinese online literature has become a new bright spot in the overseas dissemination of Chinese stories.

According to the 2020 China Online Literature Sailing Industry Report by iResearch Market Consulting, the number of overseas Chinese online literature users will reach 31.935 million in 2019, and the market size of Chinese online literature overseas is 460 million yuan. The registration channel for version 2.0 of the China Online Literature Joint Sailing Program has been opened and the Sailing Network will screen the first batch of 500 outstanding Chinese online texts, translate and publish them free of charge, promote the internationalization of IP, and help the global dissemination of good Chinese stories.

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