Open the Starting Point International APP. In English works, the first online novel on the best-selling list of female channels is Hellbound With You by Filipino author KazzenlX. She is 25 years old and a professional teacher. She started writing online articles at Starting Point International on January 4, 2019. The work that inspired this Filipino young man’s creative passion is an English-translated Chinese romantic novel, “Xu You Shine Brilliantly Good.” It is one of the domestic romantic online literary god “囧 囧 have demons.” During the serial period of Yunqi Academy, the work ranked first in the sales list, with a total number of readers’ recommendations exceeding 4 million and total subscriptions exceeding 260 million, ranking fifth in the 2017 original wind and cloud list. After landing at Starting Point International, the English version of “Xu You Shine Well” is firmly in second place in Power Ranking (overseas monthly ticket list) and Popular (popularity list). At the same time, the work also authorizes electronic publishing in Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, traditional Chinese, and other language versions.

It empowered Vietnam’s top five cultural companies to adapt films and TV programs in 2018. Yan Lin, the content operator of Ficool, an app owned by Yuewen, told Hedgehog (ID: ciweigongshe): “Even in distant Africa, the data performance of this book is excellent.” Although the categories of content most loved by users will still vary in different regions, on the whole, love is still an eternal theme for readers around the world. In addition to the romantic novel “May you shine brightly”, the TOP 1 Africa novel is also the romance theme from China called “Sorry I took the heroine”, the author is the great writer of Yunqi Academy. Yan Lin said: This book is suitable for all ages, regardless of national boundaries. In 2020, TikTok will survive, and WeChat turmoil will continue. When Internet content is frequently banned overseas, the cultural soil slowly infused with Internet literature is not “hardened” and gradually blooms worldwide.

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