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funstory.ai was established in November 2017, its founding team members coming from top companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. The company has worked out AI-oriented overall solutions for promoting content overseas based on its self-developed AI-assisted translation and production system targeting literature and information, first of its kind worldwide, producing massive multilingual literary works and news information in a highly efficient way at a low cost, and empowering the international communication. funstory.ai strives to stand out as a first-rate infrastructure service provider for promoting content overseas. 

With “AI enables good stories to go global” as its vision, the company facilitates quality cultural output with artificial intelligence, shares the Chinese stories with the rest of the world, and contributes to promoting literary works and news information overseas as well as to the international communication of China.



◼funstory.ai won the “National High-tech Enterprise” honor

◼The paper “Entity Enhanced BERT Pretraining for Chinese NER-Conference Conference EMNLP” co-authored by funstory.ai and West Lake University;

◼The company owned 10 computer software copyright, and 1 patent is in the application period;

◼On the cultural and tourism industry of the China International Trade in Services Fair in 2021, funstory.ai focuses on investing in valued cultural and creative enterprises


36Kr Media: Funstory.ai Raises Tens of Millions of Yuan in Series A+ Round of Financing, Using AI to Accelerate the Scale of Web Novels Being Distributed Overseas

Funstory.ai recently announced the completion of its Series A+ round of financing, worth tens of millions of yuan, invested by NBT Capital. At the end of last year, Funstory.ai had already received tens of millions of yuan in its Series A round of financing from investors, including Lianshang Networks, Himalayas,

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Online literature goes overseas with the help of AI translation

(Reporter Zhang Juncheng) On August 9, China’s online literature sharing the AI era sponsored by Lianshang Literature brought a real-time translation demonstration of AI system online literature. This activity selected four excellent original works of Lianshang Literature. Such as “Bright God Seal,” “Destiny Wu Shen,” “Inverse Immortal Zun” and “Undefeated

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Nanjing Daily: AI translation technology to escort the online text to sea, manual translation for 1 hour, intelligent translation in 1 second

Nanbao Network News (Reporter, Xing Hong) The 3rd China “Network Literature +” Conference was recently held in Beijing. Lianshang Literature, a unicorn enterprise from Nanjing, demonstrated its fine works creation and cultural sailing at the Conference. Lianshang Literature’s AI artificial intelligence translation promotes the practice and achievements of online writing

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