(Reporter Zhang Juncheng)

On August 9, China’s online literature sharing the AI era sponsored by Lianshang Literature brought a real-time translation demonstration of AI system online literature.

This activity selected four excellent original works of Lianshang Literature. Such as “Bright God Seal,” “Destiny Wu Shen,” “Inverse Immortal Zun” and “Undefeated Emperor Wu,” They randomly selected a paragraph from them for AI translation demonstration. To test the quality of AI translation, the host randomly invited four international friends to conduct software use and translation interpretation evaluation on the spot, and they all expressed high recognition of the translation results.

The relevant person in charge of Lianshang Literature said that translation is the first problem when Chinese online literature goes out. The translation level and translation speed are often the keys to whether online literature can open up overseas markets. A professional translator can only complete about 1.5 million words a year on average, which is extremely expensive. For this reason, Lianshang Literature invests in tweet technology to try to solve the problem of translation efficiency. In July 2018, Tweet Technology independently developed and completed the world’s first online literature AI translation system, increasing the industry’s efficiency by 3,600 times and reducing the cost to 1% of the original. As an Internet company that focuses on AI solutions for Chinese online text, Tweet Technology realizes the large-scale output of online text content.

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