Nanbao Network News (Reporter, Xing Hong) The 3rd China “Network Literature +” Conference was recently held in Beijing. Lianshang Literature, a unicorn enterprise from Nanjing, demonstrated its fine works creation and cultural sailing at the Conference. Lianshang Literature’s AI artificial intelligence translation promotes the practice and achievements of online writing at sea, attracting the focus of programs including CCTV’s “News Studio.” With the vigorous development of Chinese online literature, the work of “going global” in online literature has become more professional after years of practice.

However, the lack of translators and low efficiency are still the pain points and difficulties of “going global” in Chinese online literature at this stage. Lianshang Literature and WiFi Master Key jointly led the investment of “Tweet Technology,” an open platform for online content that focuses on AI solutions, in March this year, leading the online content to go to sea in advance for AI translation. At the live event of the third online literature + Conference, the audience was amazed by the real-time “showdown” between the AI translation system of “Tweet Technology” and foreign readers. According to the data, the AI translation system of “Tweet Technology” can automatically monitor, capture, translate, and publish copyrighted Chinese novels, increasing the industry’s efficiency by 3,600 times and reduce the cost to 1% of the original. In other words, the manual translation takes 1 hour to translate thousands of characters, and the AI translation only takes 1 second. At this speed, according to the evaluation and comparison of the BLEU algorithm, the translation quality of the “Tweet Technology” AI translation system in the vertical field of online literature has surpassed that of Google, catching up with a manual translation. It can reach a level of 75 to 80 points. “But 75 to 80 points is far from enough,” said Wang Xiaoshu, chief executive of Lianshang Literature. “We have introduced a manual refinement process based on 3,600 times the speed. Instead, we would reduce the efficiency increase to 100 times the speed and achieve the extensive and profound Chinese culture, traditional culture translation accuracy, and artistry of the extra points to improve the quality. “

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