The official plan is to export more Chinese cultural products to the world, but under the current background of great decoupling of Chinese and western values, can the relevant businesses successfully bypass the fate of “demonization”?

You may have heard of “Breaking the Sky” or “Grave Robbing Notes” and know that they are the most popular Chinese online novels in recent years. But have you ever had the experience of talking about these works in English in a bar while traveling to New York or London? The English name translated as Battle through the Heavens, and the English word of the other translated as The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles. As Chinese online literature works begin to go to sea in large numbers, such experiences may not be uncommon in the future. Last year, the market size of China’s online literature was about 20 billion yuan, and the market size of online literature going to sea was about 460 million yuan. It is relatively small, but the advantage is that there are not many participating companies, so it is full of opportunities. In September of this year, a network literature conference held in Zhongguancun, Beijing, showed about 25 million online literature works in China. The number exported overseas in 2019 is more than 10,000, and 3,452 online literature works have been translated and realized going to sea, reaching more than 30 million overseas readers.

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