International Communication

Real-time Media Monitor strives to facilitate 24/7 monitoring of public opinions on overseas media and social platforms, as well as real-time tracking of trending news and KOL trends, proactively locating positive and warm news, and accurately identifying and positioning channels for the spread of rumors. Through multi-modal AI technologies and abstract analysis models for business scenarios, provides comprehensive analysis of groups, opinions, relationships, emotions, trends, etc. To fully empower international communication, intelligent consultants at select key and urgent public opinions that need to be replied, subscribe reliable information sources, set reminders for topics worthy dissemination, and offer up-to-the-minute media data, etc.

AI-driven Content Interviewing-editing-publishing Platform focuses on various aspects including content localization, instant translation, intelligent review, and rapid publicity. By extracting popular hashtags and multi-dimensional content data tags, helps translate real-time news into multiple languages with the help of advanced AI technologies, implement the scenario-based outsourcing strategy, and achieve one-stop global distribution, accurately reaching the target users overseas.​

Consulting Services for Global Communication

We provide a wide range of services including target market analysis, social positioning, theme innovation, publicity strategy, marketing and promotion, and resource integration for enterprises, media and cities. Based on specific demands from our clients, offers tailored plans covering the entire process from top-level design to final execution.

Media Monitoring
and Analysis

With our self-developed models, our clients can analyze user habits and content preferences, collect information on users’ regions, etc., evaluate content, interaction,comments, forwarding and other indicators, track the effect of communication, and optimize subsequent performance and effectiveness.

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